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Solemyo kit (Solar kit)


Solar power kit comprising SYP photovoltaic panel and PSY24 battery Box with charging control circuit.

*IMPORTANT NOTE* If Solemyo is used, NO other battery or 230V input can be used.

Solemyo is the solar power system to automate gates, garage doors and road barriers, even those located far from the electrical mains.
Solemyo is available both in kit version and single products.
Installable anywhere without the need for connections or excavations, even in the most remote locations or those difficult to access with the power mains.
Increased savings and respect for the environment thanks to solar energy, free and clean: an ecological and intelligent choice with short term benefits.
Low consumption with no risk of blackouts:
the extended duration of the energy reserve, combined with the low consumption of the automations, guarantee operation also in prolonged overcast conditions.
Less consumption, more autonomous operation!
Perfect operation ensured even at night time or in prolonged overcast conditions, guaranteeing comfort and safety.
Ease of use
The SYA1 auxiliary power supply unit enables rapid battery charging via a 230 Vac power mains, as an alternative to the photovoltaic module. Battery charge status LED indicators.
Installation advice
If two or more parallel-connected sol ar panels have to be installed, purchase individually the items that make up the Solemyo system to increase the system’s charging capacity or use just one SYA1 transformer to charge several PSY24 battery boxes.
Photovoltaic panel for 24V supply with maximum power 15W.
24V battery box with control circuit and carry Handles.It stores the electrical energy produced by the SPY panel, with continuous and permanent supply throughout the day.