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Resolute Safe Size 4 (ON-SALE!)

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Resolute Safe is medium security range, which has designed and developed by the Chubbsafes team to provide high attack resistance for cash and valuables.

Plain white color (No sticker)


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Key Features:

  • Safe with drill- and fire-resistance. 90mm walls made of fibre high-strength steel reinforced with New Miltonex N400 barrier material.
  • Door has an overall thickness of 170mm and is protected by a keyless combination and a key lock.
  • The keyless combination lock is listed under UL Group 2, VdS class 2, CEN B, A2P B.
  • The key lock is an eight-lever, double-bitted, non-key retaining key lock.
  • Each lock is protected by advanced drill resistant plates, anti-drive feature and secondary relocking system.
  • Tested in accordance with the Japanese Industrial Standard JIS S1037 for 75 minutes fire-resistance.
  • The safe comes with a standard internal steel shelf, adjustable at intervals to suit individual customer requirements. Internal drawers are also made of steel and are individually secured by a key lock with keys in duplicate.
  • In order to protect against potential corrosion, all Chubbsafes Resolute models are subjected to a multi-stage anti-rust cleaning and degreasing process, prior to epoxy priming and high-quality polyurethane top coat finishing. This ensures that the products not only provide high grade security but also a top class appearance.

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Datasheet for Resolute Safe