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AH-03312-32L Fire Alarm Control Panel (Max 32 zone)


Conventional Fire Alarm Control Panel for up to 32 Zones

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• Model range from 8 to 32 zones.
• AC power supply has EMI (Electromagnetic Interference).
• Each zone has a separate disable function.
• Double sets of sounder contacts.
• Automatic telephone dialer feature.
• Long-term or temporary silencing feature.
• Protection against voltage spikes up to 2.5KV.
• Microprocessor-base design.
• Sounder short circuit or disconnection detection.
• Fire Alarm NO, NC, COM and Fault NO, NC, COM output contact points.
• Fire Relay Output contacts and Fault Relay Output contacts.
• Switch membrane provides longer service and is waterproof, dust resistant and easy to clean.


8 Zone, 16 Zone, 24 Zone, 32 Zone


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LCD Display

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Relay Output

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