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ecoLINE PRO – 2G


Universal communicator for alarm systems, with reporting option to remote monitoring station over the mobile Internet, and notification sending to users via Push message.


Main Features:

  • Communicator with phone line emulator
  • Comes with a mobile application for users
  • Programmable through USB and IP
  • GPRS communication
  • Supported communication protocols: SIA DC-09, TELLMon, TEX
  • 4 configurable NO/NC inputs
  • 1 NO relay output, controllable by the mobile app (can be used to e.g. arm/disarm the alarm system)
  • Reporting to a primary or a backup receiver
  • Sending Push messages to users about alarm system events
  • User notifications can be enabled by installer or remote monitoring station
  • Firmware update through USB and IP
  • Configurable Contact ID event codes for each input
  • Transparent serial port support
  • Supported operating system: Windows 10

Application area:

  • Mobile Internet based communicator, that provides solution for alarm systems to report to a remote monitoring station.
  • Mobile Internet based communicator, that provides solution for users to receive notifications about up to all events of their alarm system.