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ChubbSafes 2″ Strongroom door


Chubbsafes 2″ Strongroom Doors were specifically designed and constructed to resist against high speed drills, force and fire.

  • Solid door slab with a protective thickness of 50mm (for 2″) forms the basis of the door, which has an overall thickness of 185mm. Filled with special formulated Chubbsafes barrier material reinforced with steel fibres provides resistant to high speed drilling, oxy-acetylene cuttings and jack attacks
  • Secured by 7 active front bolts, 2 active top bolts, 2 active bottom bolts and 7 passive back bolts. Each bolt has a diameter of 32mm.
  • Fire Resistance tested in according to BS476 Part 22:1987 Fire Test on Building Material and Structure for a 120 minutes fire resistant rating.
  • Secured by a 3-wheel Keyless Combination Lock and a 8-lever double bitted Key Lock as standard. Both locks operated independently.
  • The Keyless Combination Lock is protected by Glass Relockers. Any forced attempt to dislodge the locks would activate relocker and restricts the movement of the internal boltwork system.
  • Relocker is further protected by drill resistant hard plates.
  • The door comes standard with a painted grey primer based finish.
Weight 640 kg
Dimensions 16.5 × 127.3 × 211.0 cm